Women and Success
How Stress, Sleep and Self-Worth are directly connected
 to your Success and Prosperity 
Stress, Burnout and Fatigue are at an all time high!
When is the last time you ever saw a highly stressed woman and thought to yourself - WOW! She looks amazing, happy and successful?       NEVER!
Live a more Beautiful Balanced Life & 
Enjoy a Prosperous Business that you LOVE

Discover Energetic Practices that 
Support the Energy of your Soul 
Tuesday, November 20th!
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm (doors open at 6:00 pm)
Terese A. Santos, the founder of Beauty for the Soul Mentorship is hosting a very special gathering at her lovely feminine-inspired Beauty for the Soul boutique office in Orange County.
Could you use a Serious Shift in Balanced Living?
  •  Discover how to increase the quality of your sleep by 66%
  •  Discover how to interrupt stress at the speed of thought
  •  Discover how to introduce simple peace practices into your busy life
  •  Burnout and Busy are NOT Badges of Honor!
  •  Learn some powerful energetic strategies for increasing Energy, Prosperity, and a Balanced Life
Learn to FREE Your Time, so You Can FREE Your Life!
Learn to have a Peace of Mind around anything....

This offering allows you to get a feel of Beauty for the Soul Mentorship and Master Class. Connect with other amazing women and enjoy a beautiful fun and inspiring evening.
Women and Success - Soul Shifts for Inner and Outer Beauty, 
Business and Balanced Living Includes:
  •  Champagne, Waters & Networking
  •  You will LOVE this Fun & Exciting format of Getting Your Burning Beauty, Business, Confidence Building Questions answered
  • Find out how Terese started many successful businesses and made millions
  • If you could ASK Terese Anything Session-very powerful! 
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Location: Beauty for the Soul Mentorship Boutique Office
1 Silverwind/Aliso Viejo/CA/92656

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