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"Your Net Worth is Connected to 
Your Self Worth"
Terese A. Santos
Beauty for the Soul Mentorship
You Can Have Trusted Support
“Sometimes asking for help is the bravest move you can make. You don’t have to go it alone.”
While you are always the expert on your own life, the messages you hear repeatedly have an influence. If those messages are “You can do better” or “You Have Always Failed Before How is this Time Going to Be any Different?- that will likely impact the path you choose. You Can Always Choose a NEW Path - What if you Secretly decided to start "plotting" to create a truly Happy Life for yourself?  

If the messages you hear repeatedly are “I believe in you and YES You do have the power to restore your finances and CREATE prosperity! Yes, You can Live a beautiful, happy life and have peace of mind and Money! How do I know this? It happened to me too, “I acknowledge you for your commitment and determination to OWN the truth, you have always had the Power to change the direction of your life!-and make it a magical life that will inspire others to lead! Yes Dorothy, you always had the power! 

Guard who YOU will allow to influence your path. Influence is everything!

It would be my honor to be your mentor-let me start by reminding you that ...Feeling confident is the same as being confident.

Decide to get confident about what is possible if you had the right influence, the right skills and the mentorship to help improve your Inner Engineering - ultimately the software of your very own soul.

As seen in...
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Trusted Advisor and Mentor
A Proven Success Resume both in Business and in Life
Terese A. Santos has been a successful female lifestyle entrepreneur for more than 30 years and believes in the power of the "right" influence. She accredits here father Robert and a strong business woman she had the privilege to mento under for their positive influence.

Terese earned her 1st million at 29 yrs old while mentoring 1000's of women in her businesses to develop their confidence, courage and charisma.

Today, Terese is the founder of Beauty for the Soul Mentorship where she mentors Modern Day women on powerful Business, Confidence and Feminine Success Strategies and Rituals.
Her message to women is...
"I have been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years, I understand fully, it's not just about the money you make - but what you will make of yourself" --- Terese.
Follow Your Soul-It Knows the Way!
Inner Engineering for the software of your Soul!​
"Don't just be Eye Candy, be Soul Food."
I've been there​, shoulders hunched over, filled with frustration and wondering "WHY does this business building thing need to be so hard?" ​How can I manage my family, my business and my life with ease?"​  

So, where to begin if you're stuck in a business or LIFE ​rut...?

I see so many well-meaning, hard working women running out of money, time and energy because they are trying to figure out how to get that breakthrough all on their own. 

The success story​ that you've seen me share, from my own heart, isn't magic.   

I did specific and repeatable things, from mindset, to actions, and rituals, to get where I am today. Things I can easily teach you, RIGHT NOW. 

And the reason why so many of my clients have gone from ZERO to 6 and 7 figures is because they got the right mentoring AND they understand fully that INFLUENCE does matter! 

The right influence matters.

Because there is NO substitute for proven results!
  • Let me focus exclusively on YOU and what your soul desires!
  •  Let my hindsight be your foresight
  • I am someone that will have confidence in you and for you - until you have it for yourself and in yourself!
"The day has come for women to gather together to celebrate their creativity. It’s time to step out center stage to share your brilliance and your beauty!"
 Terese Santos
4 Month Group Mentorship Package
SOLD OUT for 2018
2019 Programs will be announced soon
  • A personal 30 minute welcome call with Terese.
  • 4 month mentorship/coaching program.
  • A weekly Sunday 90-minute PRIVATE group mentorship call. 
  •  An exclusive private group Master Class at Terese's boutique office held on the last Sunday of each month.
  •  Ongoing support access with Terese via email or text messages.
  • A 2-day luxury final celebration event. 
NEW! Beauty for the Soul 
Private 1-1 Mentorship Package
SOLD OUT for 2018
2019 Programs will be announced soon
Duration: 6-months: We Begin When You Make the Decision to Get and Receieve Support!
  •  One weekly 60 minute scheduled private phone mentorship/coaching call
  •  Daily access to me via text and emails.
  •  Three in-person 90 minute Private Mentorship Lunch meetings with me at an agreed day & time during the 6-month ( I will cover the cost)
  •  Surprise Bonus Gift at the conclusion.
  •  Features: Ongoing accountability and support to navigate your decisions and projects.
At the end of each week's call you and I will set the next week's call at an agreed day and time. This allows you the freedom to schedule at the times you know you need me.
Note: 1st payment of $916 will be considered a DEPOSIT and due upon agreement, leaving a balance of (5) payments of $916.
Your choice of one of these Bonus Gifts for saying YES to all that is possible!
BONUS #1 - Financial Flow Program -weekly email program that focuses on your MONEY! Increasing Income and Decreasing Bad Debt with ease. {$2500 value}
BONUS #2 - Private Confident Woman Makeup Session/Lesson with me. {$2500 value}
"I’ve known Terese Santos for two years and all I can say is, “”WOW.” She is a dynamic thought leader for empowering women. I recommend her as a speaker, coach, and facilitator. I’ve attended seminars that she has put on and her ability to organize, populate and provide content to attendees was excellent."
--- Carol
"In the short time that I have known Terese, I feel that she is someone who sees me with a laser focus and I have already gained some insights that have moved me to take action. With her direction, I can’t wait to soar!"
--- Marjorie
"Terese is absolutely lovely, gracious, and authentic with her mentorship. She has the ability to tune into you and help you recognize recognize the actions needed to take your dreams to the next level!"
--- Lisa
"Vibrant Inspirer. Successful Business Leader. Dynamic Mentor.Terese Santos is a BRILLIANT woman who has made it her boundless missionto uplift the lives of women who are called to live with passion and purpose."
--- Marsh

"Gifted, feminine and accomplished are just a few of the words I would use to describe Terese A Santos. As a successful business women for over 35 years in both traditional businesses and direct sales she has a proven track record of results. What really impresses me about Terese is not only her business savvy but more her ability to provide mentorship and guidance to women. Her purpose is to help them see their beauty & business potential, enhance their confidence, know their self-worth and nourish their souls. She is an extraordinary woman and I am honored to call her friend."
--- Diana
I am so impressed with Terese that I joined her 6 month mentorship program. She is the epitome of beauty, style and grace and has tremendous business acumen. This is a great investment for me and my future. Thank you, Terese for your support and loyalty.
--- Angela
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