Set yourself up for the
Most Blessed year of your LIFE in 2019!
This precious time right at the New Year is the perfect time to determine exactly what you Desire, what Inspires you and what you want to Accomplish in 2019. It is also an ideal time to determine what you are NO Longer going to accept, habits, mind-sets, even fears that you need to Let Go of! What Do You Need Support With?

Perhaps you’ve had an amazing year and yet, you KNOW you’re meant for MORE....fulfillment, free time, travel, recognition, healthy relationships, exciting projects and deep spiritual growth!

Get Ready to RECEIVE Inner & Outer Peace, Calm and True Prosperity!

What if the Courage To Say YES To Your Passion Could Be Easier Than Ever Before? Here it is...
Here’s your invitation to Renew your creative Energy and consciously create what you DESIRE in 2019 with help from a master coach and mentor!

With a never offered before mentorship package perfect for a NEW Year mindset! Yes, I am well aware you are being bombarded with more coaching programs literally than ever before! Many of them are good, however, how many of these programs are truly being offered by someone you know who has a proven history of personal, professional, business and lifestyle success?

Wisdom Thought: Do You Really Want To Ask for Directions From Someone Who Has Not Been To Where You Want to Go!

Mentoring with Terese brings accountability, her perspective, and her experience.  It might sound simple, but if it was easy, you would have already achieved the life/business you want.
Terese A. Santos, F.S.S.
founder, beauty for the soul mentorship
The "Art and Soul" of Peaceful Living and Prosperity
Mentor/Coach, Award-winning Public Speaker, 
Stress and Self-Kindness Expert,
Teacher of Light Energy Medicine, 
Spiritual Strengthening,
Collaborator, Meditator and Fresh Flower Lover
The Courage to Collaborate, the Courage of Renewal "Blessing Bundle"
beauty for the soul mentorship exclusive
This Blessing Bundle will help you to
  • Feel Hopeful, Excited and Energized about each new day!
  • Feel the peace, calm and serenity in everyday life 
  • Be empowered, decisive, clear and focused! 
  • Know what you want and how to get it! 
  • Enjoy greater Peace of Mind! 
  • Sleep better! Feel better! Look better!
The Beauty for the Soul Blessing Bundle is also an Energy Shift Bundle that will get you CLEAR and FOCUSED!
If you have limiting beliefs when it comes to your deserve level, money, success, and happiness, I promise this Blessing Bundle is for you! 

With these powerful sessions, you can clear away years of negative emotions and pain, and replace them with happy, hopeful, inspired ones!
Terese's 90 days of personal mentorship
"BFTS Blessing Bundle" includes...
  • Terese's Confidential Questionnaire about your stress, sleep, energy and perceived blocks and customized proven methods for fast-lasting results
  • Terese's Proprietary 4 simple steps to clarity process
  • 5 on-demand private phone 90-Minute Mentorship Sessions with Terese during the 90 days as you need them
  • VIP invitation to attend (3) FREE with a guest Feb, March & April 2019 Women & Success evenings at Terese's boutique office in Aliso Viejo, CA
  • Access to Terese via text or email as you need support during the 90 days
  • Very Special Masterclass in February with Terese and special guest!  Live Inspired and Love Yourself Beauty, Body, Soul, Self-love
Special Blessing Bundle BONUS
You will be Terese's FREE VIP Guest for her Luxury 
Private in-person mentorship luncheon in April, 2019
Total BFTS Blessing Bundle Program VALUE: $5,500
BFTS Blessing Bundle Program Limited Offfer!
2 Payment options for your convenience
Still wondering how this Blessing Bundle Mentorship Program will help advance your personal and career goals in 2019?
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